First Post: Long Intro. Big Cats.

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

As an introduction of some sort, THAT NUGU is not your ordinary blog which is exclusive to just one topic. If you have read my blog description above, expect that I will be posting reviews on advertisements, k-pop music and beauty products all in one place! Weird combination, I know.

Have you ever wondered what NUGU means? 

NUGU (누구) is actually a Korean word which means "who?". When we fangirls use it, it means someone who is unknown or a nobody. I'm sure k-pop fans have used this term to describe rookie groups or even those "irrelevant" groups which are not as popular as their oppars or unnirs. For me, I've always been a fan of a couple of "nugu" groups because I think they all deserve a chance to be recognized and I found out that sometimes, they are actually the more talented ones. (Don't ask me who. I don't want to be hated this early!)

So another question-- who is this NUGU? Well, nobody else but me! Since I just started out blogging, and I'm not really an expert in anything (yet), I thought calling myself a 'nugu' would be appropriate. I won't mind if my readers (if there are any) would call me a 'nugu' too. I'm simply a nobody who is trying out to blog. ㅋㅋ

Some other questions you could be thinking right now: Why ads? Why K-pop? Or why make-up? Why not create a separate blog for each topic? The answer: I'm weird. LOL.  I just thought it would be fun to have one place wherein I could freely write about things that I find interesting and having an individual blog for each would be too time-consuming. I tend to get lazy sometimes but I'll try to kill that habit and post more in the future.

Wow, that was a long introduction but finally, I can move on to my actual post.

I was debating with myself regarding the subject of my first post because hell, it should be epic! I ended up picking out an awesome commercial for you all.

No doubt that National Geographic Channel makes great shows. They never fail to show something interesting for everyone and I must say, I love all their martial arts-related series like Fight Science and their Bruce Lee special. After watching this 60-second commercial, I can say that NGC makes great promotional materials as well.

What managed to lure me into this commercial was the cat. I love cats more than dogs so that probably makes me part of their primary target market. This commercial made me believe that I was watching a real documentary although it did felt a bit off. I blame Nat Geo's ability to effortlessly make things look more interesting when in fact, they are not. The professional camera work, the low-voiced dubber, and the subtle bgm matched with the sfx make the whole thing a believable documentary. Until the caption (If we don't preserve big cats, we will end up making documentaries like this) appears at the very end, it really felt that you were simply viewing one of NGC's documentaries.

Speaking of the caption, it somewhat played a surprise element to the commercial. We would not usually find captions in a documentary, especially captions which were that big. The caption spoke directly to its audience despite not making use of a voice-over. It was also at that moment that the dubbing stopped. It may have been a surprise to the audience at first, but later on, they would realize that what they saw was in fact, a commercial.

And boom!

This was just the right amount of impact the commercial needed for the message to come across which was to spread awareness for the preservation of the big cats in the wild. We've seen quite a lot of  those typical "save the animals" ads which uses the emotional approach but in this case, Nat Geo did what they do best-- making documentaries.


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