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Happy Hair Salon
G/F, AIC Grande Tower, Garnet Road, Ortigas Center
470-1739/ 070-8251-4127

We can't deny the so-called 'Korean invasion' (한류) here in the Philippines. Besides the growing interest for K-pop music and Korean food, several Korean establishments are also located all over the metro and one of them are salons.

I happened to pass by a Korean salon near my OJT office in Ortigas named Happy Hair Salon and what particularly lured me in is their summer promo banner which offered Volume Rebonding at a starting price of 2500php whereas at a regular salon, this would cost me a whopping 7k.

Before I went to the place, I did some research online (as I always do) and saw only one review. That didn't make me lose interest because according to the review, the salon was "made by Koreans for Koreans" and since I'm a fan of anything Korean authenticity, the deal was sealed.

So what exactly is volume rebonding?

It's just like regular rebonding but the ends are curled for that natural, volumized look. If you ever wondered why Koreans have such perfect hair, they probably had this treatment.

Volume rebonding is different from regular rebonding wherein instead of having stick straight hair that  looks like a broom or walis (which is common here), the ends of the hair are curled. According to a Korean blogger, this curl is referred to as the "C-curl" and it can be either an inward or outward curl, depending on the look you want to achieve. 

This treatment is commonly done to short hair and I learned from my Korean stylist that it's best to have this treatment when you have virgin hair for the curls to take effect.

Now onto my volume rebond experience!

Free drinks and snacks!
My stylist was Ms. Angela Kwon and she's also the owner of the Happy Hair Salon. I made a reservation prior to my visit and by the time I went there, she was working with two other Korean teenagers. One of them was having the treatment I wanted, volume rebonding, and the other, a haircut. Although I waited for about an hour, I did not mind because she was very busy and she was doing all the work.

When it was finally my turn, she apologized and immediately escorted me to the washing area. She really did e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Washing,  blowdrying (with some help of her assistants), application of medicine, ironing my hair... everything! It's very unlike other Korean salons I know that only lets their Korean stylists do the cutting and nothing more.

Here are the exact steps for those who may be curious of how the procedure works:

After the haircut
1. Washed my hair then blowdry
2. Haircut - My hair was layered before and she had to trim it because she can't curl my hair if it was layered. She also gave me my dream bangs! Like those authentic Korean bangs ;u; many 감사!
3. Application of cream/ medicine then rinse - I think this was the rebonding medicine because after my hair was washed, it became stiff/ straight.
4. Blowdry then she applied something on my hair. I'm guessing it's some heat protecting thing.

5. Ironing of the hair - She sectioned my hair into very small, thin layers and ironed each layer. I was surprised that she didn't use hair rollers, instead, she manually ironed the curl at the ends repeatedly. I felt so bad because my hair was damn thick and long and she had to do the whole thing by herself! This took her more than an hour, I'm sure. (Important: She also told me that my hair was slightly damaged because I colored my hair prior to the treatment so the curl may not take effect as much.)
6. Sprayed some solution then after some time, she sprayed again. It took about 30 minutes. Look at the cool eye mask thingy!
7. Washed my hair again then blowdry. She said to comb my hair with my fingers inwards for the curl to appear. She also said that I have to apply a hair serum at the ends of my hair for some shine.

After a total of 3 hours...

Ta-da~ my volume rebonded hair! As you can see, the ends of my hair are not really curly but at least it was not stick straight! I really like it! For my long hair, this cost me around 3000php which already included a haircut. Not bad!

She said that the effect may not last as long (around 4-6 months) so I will try my best to maintain my hair. I'm already on the lookout for good sulfate-free shampoos, hot oil conditioners and hair serums in the market! Suggestions, please?

This is my hair after 2 days. My bangs are oiling up as expected but it looks good so far. Check out my follow up post here

Overall, I highly recommend Happy Hair Salon if you want an authentic Korean salon experience. Ms. Kwon is really nice and very talented (she can also do your make-up ala K-pop star! I know because i asked ㅋ).

If you wish to know more about the salon or volume rebonding in general, feel free to leave a comment below!

This is my hair now after 6 months. I trimmed my hair once just to get rid of the split ends but I love how natural it looks now!


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  2. Hi! How's your hair na? It looks good sa pic mo. Wow, 3 hours lang talaga? How long did it lasted? I would love go there din sana.

    1. Hi Jen! My hair isn't as straight but it's still manageable. I still get compliments on my hair during a good hair day! I would say the rebond lasted until now. I've trimmed my hair once before but it still kept its shape.

  3. Hello, may I ask if this can this be done to rebonded hair? Did it also last well?

    1. It can still work but don't expect the c-curl to show up as much. I didn't rebond my hair before but it was colored several times so it was damaged and i remember the korean stylist telling me that volume rebonding works best with virgin hair. I would say that it lasted until now!

  4. hi girl.. can i ask how much it cost you sa hair mo??
    and how is your hair now?? ;)

    1. Hi Leolyn! It only cost me around 2500 including a haircut. My hair now isn't as straight but it's still manageable. I love that it looks natural now since that was what I was really aiming for :]

  5. Hi
    Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting hoboken hair salons

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  7. For how many hours did it take her to finish the rebond eonni? :)

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  15. Hello Kimi, May I ask where exactly is this Happy Hair Salon in Ortigas?
    Thanks. :)

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  17. Hi! I'm actually planning to go for a rebond and am having my intenrship near AIC building too. But I didn't see Happy Hair Salon among the stalls that can be seen outside. Where is it exactly? Thanks! :)

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