Ads: I'll Do Anything for my Idol feat Dunkin Donut's TVC

Now here's a commercial I can relate to.

Dunkin' Donut's commercial revolves around the concept of every fangirl's dream come true-- meeting her idol. It features actor, Derek Ramsey, who plays as himself visiting a Dunkin Donut store and coincidentally, the Dunkin Donut lady is a major Derek Ramsey stan (a stan is a higher, more extreme level of being a fan). As a stan, you'd give anything for your bias... even your soul. In this case, it's giving him a huge discount for a dozen Dunkin Classics!

Now onto the good and bad of this TVC~

The good
Like what I previous said, I can relate to this TVC very much! I am a fangirl (not of Derek Ramsey though) and I would probably have the same reaction (or even worse) when I see my idol walking up to me. The possible insight here is that Filipinos adore celebrities like gods and goddesses. Meanwhile, the message of the TVC is that we can all enjoy a box of Dunkin Donuts at P199... even if we're not Derek Ramsey.

"Hindi mo kailangan maging si Derek Ramsey to enjoy a dozen Dunkin Classics..."

So smart! They could have just announced a huge price drop on their box of donuts but they took the humor path (which I'm always a fan of~) and I think they picked all the right elements. The Dunkin Donut lady is superb! I think she has this likable factor so I did not find her annoying. I also particularly love the sexy guitar melody that goes "tenenen-ten-ten~ tenenen~" at the beginning and it fits the character of Derek perfectly.

The bad
The only thing that bums me about this TVC is that the promo is ever. That is all.

There is actually a sequel to this commercial featuring the same people but it's not quite funny as this one. I'm not saying it's bad though because hey, the Dunkin Donut lady touched Derek! I sure hope we can see more of the Dunkin Donut ladybecause I see myself so much in her. XD


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