Beauty: Pasjel Cherry Tender Facial Night Cream Review

Ever since I posted about Pasjel products, there seems to be a lot of you who are interested to find out whether it works or not. As promised, I'm back with a review for Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream! I was so excited to have finally received this and after more than two weeks of using it, I'm finally here to share the results!

Pasjel Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream
(before:895php now:795php)
"Cherry Tender is the night treatment ream that focuses on vanishing
pimples, melasma, and freckles on your face. Wipe out those annoying
 things on your face and bring back your baby face skin."
First of all, I didn't expect for the product to be so small! To give you an idea, it's around the same size as my Too Cool For School lip balm.
I was also surprised to find how straightforward the packaging is. When I got it, it was simply the jar itself with stickers on it, however, Pasjel announced recently that their products will now come in boxes. Good move, Pasjel!

I found the labels a little hard to read and it was quite difficult to capture it on camera. Most of what's written on the labels were in Thai but thankfully, the directions were in English.

This is what's written on the label:
"Apply Cherry Tender on your face before sleep 
and rinse off after waking up. Use 2-3 nights/ week."
However, Pasjel Manila said that this cream is safe enough to use every night but it stills depend on the needs of your skin. In my case, I used it every night.

There was only 10mL of the product which I thought was a very small quantity at first, but depending on your usage, one jar could last for around 2-3 months when applied every night.
Almost full~
The texture of the cream is quite light. I found it easy to spread on my face and it didn't take a long time for the cream to be completely absorbed by my skin. The smell also reminded me of candies made out of cherries and it didn't bother me at all.

Just a little background on my skin, I have super oily and acne-prone skin. I started having severe acne marks and acne in general when my skincare products I got from a previous dermatology clinic stopped working. I didn't mind having them for most of the time until I noticed that not even my BB cream and concealer can hide them anymore.

I decided to focus on my cheeks which is currently the most problematic area on my face ㅜㅜ I wasn't expecting much during the first week of trying it but as seen in the pictures below, there is a actually an improvement!
WEEK 1 (Click with caution! Haha)
Besides my acne marks getting lighter, my pimples also dried up faster. I was also able to notice that I didn't get any pimples during that whole week. I thought that was a good sign that my skin responded well to the product.

The second week had more visible results. Instead of having those large, dark spots, they seem to have shrunk and became dots. I have no better way of describing it but they really decreased in size.

I also noticed an overall improvement on my skin's texture. It was easier to apply BB cream because my skin was smoother-- as if I applied a primer. My skin also became brighter and I think that's because of the whitening effect of the cream. Because I have oily skin, my skin tends to look dull in the middle of the day and fortunately, this doesn't happen anymore.

Unfortunately, I started getting pimples again during the following weeks. It also didn't do much to minimize my enlarged pores/ acne scars even though I partnered it with Etude House's Wonder Pore line.

Sumaary of the results to see the improvements clearly
  • The smell~ I like the smell of cherries
  • Brightened my skin's complexion
  • Lightened my acne marks (decreased in size)
  • Dried up existing pimples and sometimes, prevented it
  • Improved my skin's texture

  • Packaging. I don't hate it but I would have preferred to get it in a box and the labels should be clearer.
  • Didn't minimize my pores
Overall, this product did a lot in improving my skin for the past 2-3 weeks but I'm afraid it would take a loooong time of using this product until all my skin's imperfections are gone. You can't get perfect, flawless skin overnight so with continuous use, I believe you can get better results.

Unfortunately, I have to stop using this because I've recently gone back to my dermatologist and she prescribed a whole new set of products for me to use. It's not that Pasjel stopped working on my skin, I agreed because I had to address the problem on my severe acne scars and using Pasjel was not enough.

With that said, I would recommend Pasjel Cherry Tender Cream to those who have discolouration or dark acne spots on their face. This will indeed help in lightening those marks but if you have deep acne scars, it's always best to see a dermatologist to prevent any more scars from forming.

This is my face now with just a thin
layer of BB Cream and this was taken  under
natural lighting. (Pink hair pad from Daiso!)
If you would like to get your own Pasjel Cherry Tender Cream or other Pasjel products, you can order or reserve at Pasjel Manila on Facebook or on Instagram.


  1. I really like the smell of cherries!
    Nice review Kimii~

    Check out my latest review!


  2. Very nice review of Pasjel. Im thinking of buying this one for my sister and myself and I've read so many reviews about it being effective.

    Follow exchange sis? :)

  3. @Saejin (Irev) thank you for your comment~ and i followed you already :]

  4. wow, it really is working! So glad the hype is actually based on facts! Thanks for the review kimii <3

  5. nice review sis! what about morning cream? did you combine this pasjel with other cream?

    1. thanks heussaff! ^^ this is to be applied only at night so i just use my moisturizer in the morning. i also use this cream alone to maximize its effect.



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