Beauty: Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream Review

One thing I've observed about Korean cosmetic brands is their obsession with hand creams. Perhaps their dry, cold weather makes their hands drier than normal yet here in a tropical country, we are not spared with having dry hands either.

I haven't tried a lot of hand creams but I found Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream as my first choice. I originally got this as a birthday gift for my mom because she does a lot of laundry work. Eventually, I found myself using this too.

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream (298php)
"Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand Cream comes
with hand mask solution and gloves to potently supply elasticity and
brighten hands with Collagen and Arbutin." (
I really like that it comes in a squeeze-type tube instead of a small tub since you can control how much of the product you want to get. There is also something with the screw-type cap that reminds me of a faucet which I oddly find to be adorable. 
This product is also small enough to fit into any bag or purse which makes it perfect to bring just about anywhere.

As seen in the swatch below, you only need a little to cover both hands. The cream's texture is more of a lotion and it feels slightly greasy when applied. I make sure that my hands absorb the cream completely, which takes about three minutes, before I go back to my work.

My hands often get dry at night after I finish doing my night rituals. I could feel my skin being stretched when I open my palm and it feels uncomfortable. You could see from the picture below that the lines on my palm are more defined.

After applying the hand cream, my hands feel instantly moisturized although it would take a while for the cream to dry completely. As seen on the picture, the lines on my palm are less defined and it also looks dewy.

  • The packaging... especially the cap ㅋ
  • Smells really good
  • Only a little amount is needed which means one tube can last forever
  • Moisturizes my hands

  • You have to wait for the cream to dry completely
Overall, I loooove this hand cream and I don't see myself looking for a replacement anytime soon. My mom and I continue to use this and we have stocked up on this product already!

Remember to take care of your hands as much as your face because your hands, too, can tell your age. Keeping your hands moisturized or at least applying hand cream every could prevent wrinkles from forming in the future. It's a bonus that his hand cream contains collagen and arbutin which adds to its anti-aging properties.

Do you have a favorite hand cream? Share it below!


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