Beauty: Hair Color Trend: Splashlights, The New Ombre

Hey guys! A new season means new trends are coming up! Autumn has to be my favorite season and even though we don’t have it here in the Philippines, that doesn’t mean we’re not up to date with the trends.

Instead of talking about make-up trends, I decided to do a hair color trend because I found this particular hair trend… interesting, to say the least. Introducing, splashlights!

Taken from Regis Salon,
Want a whole new blend of blonde and brunette? Try splashlights, the hottest new trend around. Carefully placing lighter shades in a ring around the middle of long hair, it gives an ethereal halo effect that is set to dazzle.
From the way I see it, it’s just like the dip dye/ ombre trend but the middle of the hair gets dyed to a lighter color instead of the tips. This contrast from brunette to blonde is supposed to make an illusion of a ‘halo,’ creating an angelic look.

Being a long time K-pop fan, I thought I’ve seen it all in terms of hair styles and hair colors. This, by far, beats all the hair color trends in terms of craziness. I think this only works for long, straight hair.

I don’t see myself joining this trend but I have always wanted to try the old ombre (light ash brown hair with platinum blonde tips ). I won’t be surprised, however, if I see a K-pop idol pull off this look one day.

What are you thoughts about splashlights? Hate it, love it?


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