Shameless Promotion: My Kpop Star Hunt 3 Audition

Hey guys! I'm back with a shameless promotion of my entry for Scoot's Kpop Star Hunt Season 3! The deadline for the Philippines is fast approaching (September 30) and despite being very busy lately, I've managed to make a (last minute) short video.

I didn't dwell much on my intro although they encouraged to say something about yourself. I just went straight to my song which was 2NE1's Lonely in acapella. I had to shorten it since I've learned from my past auditions that you should focus on the parts of the song which would best showcase your voice.

Thank you and I'm sorry for making you watch this, haha. If you wish to try out as well, just visit Scoot's Kpop Star Hunt 3's official website for more information.


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