Ads: Etude House Any Cushion TVC featuring cloned SHINee & Sulli

I never thought I'd find a way to merge my beauty, k-pop and advertising posts! Two weeks ago, I made a post about the latest k-beauty trend, cushion foundations, and more recently Etude House released their TVC for Any Cushion (Etude House's version of a cushion foundation) which features all members of SHINee and f(x)'s Sulli.

Beauty, K-pop and advertising... amazing, right? Well, this post will mainly talk about this hilarious TVC so keep reading if you're interested!

I find Korean TVCs... interesting, to say the least. It never fails to leave me confused after watching. As my friend who studied advertising in Korea said, Koreans like to exaggerate which is quite different here in the Philippines where we often add humor or drama to make things interesting.

SHINee's expressions are full of win.
This TVC is definitely an exaggeration. Starting from the movie-like intro and orchestra background music, you'd think something major was about to happen. It then leads you to wonder what the SHINee clones were up to, why are there so many of them, why they're jumping up and down and what are they excited from. When you're finally hooked, boom-- It's just the sponge or the cushion!

I really liked the build-up it created which I don't always find in a cosmetic commerical. I personally would have never thought of this concept. Some comments, too, were funny like how they would love to own at least one SHINee member. Heck, I'd like to take home one Minho please! 

Overall, there's nothing I don't like about this TVC. I have a soft spot for humor TVCs, my K-pop biases and Etude House so it's impossible for me to hate it. 


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