K-Trend: Cushion Foundations

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official review but rather my thoughts regarding this latest trend.
When we talk about Korean cosmetics, it's all about trends. Before, BB creams were the biggest thing, followed by CC creams and now, it's all about Cushion Foundation. I've been seeing this product a lot lately and apparently, it's the biggest trend in Korea right now.

What is a cushion foundation?
Unlike your regular liquid foundation which comes in a pump or a bottle, the liquid is soaked into a cushion or sponge which you can pick up with a special puff. It usually comes in a compact type with a mirror so it's perfect for people who are on-the-go.

Just like BB creams and CC creams, most cushion foundations offer the "all-in-one" function. It works as a moisturiser, sun screen, foundation, serum, etc. There's nothing revolutionary about that besides how the product is dispensed.

Before it became a trend, I only knew Laneige carried this type of foundation. It was too expensive at that time but there had been a lot of raves about it.
Now, there are more brands offering their own cushion foundation but I doubt that they're all available in the Philippines.
Verite - Iope - Hera - Amore Pacific - The Face Shop
More recently, Etude House has also joined the trend.
So tempting because it's pink! ㅋ
There is even a promotional/ demo video for Any Cushion. (It's in English!)

My thoughts

First of all, I commend the Koreans for coming up with an innovative product. I really like the idea of not using a pump for my BB cream or foundation because I always tend to get too much.

Based on the reviews I've read before, the finish is really nice and it only takes a few pats to achieve a flawless look. Compared to using a BB cream or CC cream, it would save a lot of time if you would use a cushion foundation instead.

However, a major issue for me is how hygienic it would be. Using puffs had always been problematic since it's used repeatedly and it tends to build up with bacteria over time. Since the puff has to be pressed onto the cushion, I'm afraid that the cushion itself would be contaminated.

I've also read that cushion foundations are ideal for touch-ups which means that when your makeup tends to fade away in the middle of the day, you can just re-apply. I'm afraid that doing this would mean that the dirt from your face would be transferred onto the puff and the cushion as well.

I have acne prone skin and my skin gets really oily because of the hot, humid weather that's why this is a major concern. Dry-skinned individuals may tolerate this issue (I also noticed that most cushion foundations are for dry skin) but I'm not quite sure if other skin types would.

I haven't really tried this myself and again, this is just my opinion. I think I would more likely try the non-cushion type (e.g. The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream) which also looks like a compact but the product is dispensed by a pump. I find it to be more hygienic since you can opt to use your finger to apply and the plastic surface can be wiped off clean.
Overall, I really like the concept of a cushion foundation but it's not really a necessity for now. I'm contented with my BB cream and I still have yet to try CC creams. This is still foundation so it might be too heavy for my face.

Other brands may release their own versions so feel free to explore which cushion foundation would best suit your skin type. If there's a cushion foundation for oily skin, I'll probably give it a try!

What are your thoughts about this trend?


  1. Thanks for this post! The thought of middle-of-the-day touch-ups is great, but I agree it would be so unhygienic (unless maybe there are disposable air puffs ...?). I have TFS Aqua CC Cream which works really well. No touch-ups though..



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