Beauty: Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint in 02 Green Apple Review

Hello guys! As promised, I'm back with another review and yes, it's another lip tint! I recently lost my favorite lip tint (ㅠㅠ) so I had to get another one that won't cost as much. I've read a lot of good things about Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint and now I know why it's one of Tony Moly's bestsellers.

Since my previous lip tint was green, I also got the green one. Coincidentally, they both have a green apple flavor which is my absolute favorite. The consistency is like that of a hard jelly since it was new so it was quite hard to dispense the product. When I tried the tester, it had a softer, gel-like consistency.

This one comes in a screw-top pot, just like the Too Cool For School Break Time Lip Tint Balm but there's a huge difference when it comes to the color payoff.

One swipe~ it may look sheer but the color is buildable!
When applied on the lips under natural light
Since it's a "magic" lip tint, it means that it's not really green when applied on the lips but it changes into a berry pink color as seen in the pictures above while in indoor lighting, it appears to be more reddish pink. The color shows up after a few application and it still looks natural. 

It doesn't feel as sticky or it's not as glossy as a lip gloss but the color sticks to the lips very well. It also leaves a stain which is perfect when you eat or drink a lot like me.

There are also other 'flavors' to choose from since the sales lady told me that all three change to the same berry pink color and the difference is more on the flavor or scent.

  • Affordable at 198php.
  • Slight scent of green apple 
  • Color payoff is really good provided that you apply the right amount.
  • Lasted the whole day even after eating and drinking.

  • Packaging since it's quite unhygienic to use your finger.
  • Not as moisturizing as a lip balm so don't forget to apply a lip balm beforehand.
Unedited! ㅋ
Overall, it's a great, inexpensive lip tint! I recommend this to those who are not lipstick persons (like me) because the color payoff is good yet it still looks natural. Even though it's a very good product, I don't think it can replace my Cats Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick just yet (mainly because of the packaging) but I can see myself using this for school everyday 

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