Ads: Korean (Online Messenger) War: LINE vs Kakao Talk

Hello again! It's been a while since I last made an advertising post. I didn't just want to post whatever ads so it took me a while to choose an interesting topic. 

As you may have noticed recently, there are tons of free online messenger TVCs on local TV. Yup, free TV! (I find it quite ironic that online apps are being advertised on a traditional medium) I was even more surprised to see Korean online messengers join the trend.
It's official. The war between two free online messengers, LINE and Kakao Talk, has reached the Philippines. These two have more in common besides their free services and live emoticons-- their endorsers!

I first saw the LINE commercial featuring Super Junior's Siwon and a random girl (who I doubt is a Filipino). I really liked the concept of two split screens that merged at the very end. The meaning or message of the TVC can be found in the execution itself. It's not easy to shoot this so good job to the director!

Love Story Ver
Sticker Ver
Meanwhile, they released a 'local version' featuring Mateo Guidicelli and Jessica Mendoza. It has a more Filipino twist to it because of the jingle. I found it to be cute at first, but it eventually got annoying because of the lyrics and the singing. I'm glad that I'm not the only who thinks so.

Sarah x T.O.P version

Sarah x GD version
More recently, Kakao Talk has also released their own commercials featuring the members of BIGBANG with the local singer and celebrity, Sarah Geronimo. Kpop fans may have reacted violently with this collaboration but I totally get the strategy behind it. Since they want to localize the brand, it's best to use a local celebrity that everyone can recognize.

Because of this, I think Kakao Talk has the upper hand. Like I said, they really had a strategy to begin with: internationally known Kpop group + popular local artist = generate more public interest which is what a TVC is for. 

BIGBANG was a perfect choice because they're currently the top Kpop group in the industry. They then had to choose a female star to create a "love interest," as seen in the TVC, and Sarah Geronimo was a good choice. She's a great singer, well known to the masses and she even had her own show on local TV.

LINE's choice of endorsers is still a mystery to me. I get Super Junior's Siwon and maybe the random girl but why Matteo? Why Jessica? They're not exactly singers and they're not exactly for the masses. I'm hoping that they will release another TVC in the future but no more jingles, please.



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