Beauty: Too Cool For School Break Time Lip Tint Balm in 01 Rose Dream

Too Cool For School Break Time Lip Tint Balm in 01 Rose Dream

I'm back with another lip tint product but this time it's one of the bestsellers from Too Cool For School!
Too Cool For School in Shinchon
It's a brand I first encountered during my trip to Seoul and it was highly recommended by my Korean friend. I did not expect that it will follow me all the way here (just kidding) so when I found out that they were opening their first store here in MoA, I remembered I had this lip tint balm.

During that time, I was in desperate need for a lip balm because my SHINee lip balm melted and my lips were chapping badly due to the cold weather. So I picked up the first lip balm I saw in store without even testing it.
The packaging of the box is simple yet adorable~ the mint color and hipster-looking cat were enough  to get the box alone.
The pot is just the right size for a lip balm and inside, it may look bloody red but you'll see that the swatches below show otherwise.
One swipe~
Lips looked more plump and the color of my lips became even
Based on the color payoff, this is more of a lip balm than a lip tint balm. I'm the lip tint kind of person so I was disappointed that the color didn't show as much. 

Another thing I noticed was the scent. It smelled like roses thus the name, Rose Dream, which I'm not a fan of. This is my fault for not testing or even reading it although the smell didn't bother me as much when I already applied it to my lips.

The texture is also quite sticky which makes it adhere to the lips well. Some people may not like it but I didn't mind. It did a great job moisturizing my lips (it was autumn season back then) but I felt the need to re-apply it several times because it disappears after 2-3 hours.

  • Moisturizes my lips well
  • Affordable at 5,000 won or around 200php (not sure how much it is here)
  • Available locally
  • Smells like roses >_<
  • Color was too sheer and it was supposed to be the darkest shade
  • Not hygienic since you have to use your finger to apply
Overall, it serves its function as a lip balm but not exactly as a lip tint balm. If you're not sensitive to scents or don't need much color, then you might want to try out this lip balm.

I'm glad that Too Cool for School is available locally because I really want to try out their other products though I am already a fan of their hipster-school concept. This time, I would definitely have the luxury of time to test their products before buyingㅋㅋ

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  1. I agree with you I about this expecting there would be color cause it says tint and from the pictures it said there was but there wasnt I was so dissapointed but it just works better as a balm or a lip gloss . And it was the darkest shade also I hate that it smells like roses

  2. sso cute but I've come to live with the fact that the lip balms are very very sheer~ haha. Have you tried their bb creams?
    I want to try them~ ^___^

    followed~ ^__^

  3. Hi Kimii, just found out your blog and follow you ^^
    The packaging is cute but I don't really like TCFS packaging.. :3
    I wonder how does it smell, i have few lip products that smell like roses but each in different way :D

  4. @Diyana 디야나
    nope, i haven't tried any of their bb creams yet :[ but i'm interested with their foundation lunch box~ ^^

  5. @Rini Cesillia
    for me, it's really not a pleasant smell haha but it goes away after a while ^^ thanks for following my blog! i followed you back~



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