Beauty: Pasjel is now in Manila!

I have exciting news for everyone and that is the arrival of Pasjel here in Manila!!! This will be an introductory post of some sort where I'd share what this brand is all about, since I don't see a lot of posts in English about it. This is based on what I've read and observed, feel free to comment if you wish to point out something wrong.

What is Pasjel?
Pasjel is a popular skincare brand from Thailand offering several products which are mostly for skin whitening. Their tagline, "Bring Back Your Baby Skin," speaks about what their products promise to deliver.

The owner and endorser of this brand is Pasjel Natchanan but several Thai celebrities and famous personalities also endorse Pasjel products, showing how effective they are. Contributing to the success of the brand is the fact that it can be distributed by anyone for it's not just a brand that you can get simply from an outlet or the mall.

How did I find out about Pasjel?
(OT: I want her bangs ㅋ)
I don't know Thai but I first encountered this brand from @nannyy at Instagram. Nanny is a popular VJ in Thailand which I didn't know when I initially followed her on IG. I randomly saw a picture of her on the popular page and thought she was really pretty. I was so envious of her flawless, white skin and I wondered, WHAT'S HER SECRET?!
Apparently, the secret to her skin is indeed, Pasjel! She endorses it on her IG once in a while and she's even a distributor of the brand thru @pasjel_nannyy at IG.

Why should I get Pasjel?
I thought of getting one because I was getting frustrated that my skincare products stopped working on me and my skin is currently in a bad state (hence, I hauled a new set of skincare products~ review coming soon!). I have acne scars all over and even 'craters' on my cheeks so I needed to treat my skin asap!

Out of all their products, it was the Cherry Tender Night Cream that caught my eye because of the benefits it promises to deliver. It was exactly what I needed for my troubled skin!

What else do they offer?
Pasjel also offers other variants targeting specific skin problems. I'll let the pictures talk for themselves :]

They have newer products in the market but I'm not completely aware of them yet. Don't worry because I'll be updating this post once I've gotten the information needed.

Where can I buy Pasjel?
Like what I said previously, I don't speak Thai so it was hard to begin my purchase. I planned on ordering from Nanny (@pasjel_nannyy) since they shipped internationally but I'm afraid the shipping fee might be too high. I looked for online shops from the Philippines that carries Pasjel but they seem shady (I already had bad experiences with bogus online shops so I was apprehensive).

Just when I was about to give up, lo and behold, Pasjel Manila popped up on my timeline! They are an authentic distributor of Pasjel products which are fairly priced. Follow them on their respective social media accounts for inquiries, reservations or orders:
Not their actual logo which makes me want to make one XD
Instagram: @pasjelmanila
(I'm not quite sure but I don't think Pasjel Manila is the same as Pasjel Shop Philippines.)

At that time I discovered them, they were accepting reservations and without thinking twice, I reserved my very own Cherry Tender Night Cream. I was glad that I didn't have to worry about the shipping fee nor the mode of payment.

Now I am just waiting for my order and I promise everyone that I will make a review once I get my hands on the product~ 

 I finally received my order~ stay tuned for the review! 

Update: My review for Pasjel Cherry Tender Cream is now up! Thank you to those who waited patiently~

*All pictures except for Nanny's are taken from Pasjel Manila's FB page/ Instagram.


  1. Hey that's great I want to try! You can join my giveaways too!

  2. @Kaye Sigua judging from the before and after pictures, it seems to be effective but i have yet to my make my own review once i try it out so watch out for that~ :]

  3. Hi! I just saw your comment. Are there any updates? I am really dying to know the results. Hehehe. (:

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