Beauty: Tony Moly Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream

This post is way overdue so first of all, I apologize! Besides coming up with this post, I also changed my layout in hopes of posting more entries in the future. Do you like it? ^^ Anyway let's move on to the actual review~

This is my first ever cleansing cream and I figured out that I needed one because I felt that washing my face with soap and water did not get rid of all my makeup, especially my BB Cream. I was also getting more acne so I had to take action~

Tony Moly Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream  (478php)
"The fresh cleansing cream that removes impurities and make-up
as it contained the brocolli sprout of the Super food."

Don't you just love the packaging? Admittedly, it's one of the reasons why I ended up buying this baby. I could have bought a cheaper cleansing cream but I figured this would look great on my vanity table. The leaf part is actually made of rubber so it kind of moves like a real leaf. Ugh, so cute!

I've used this for a month or two already and it's barely halfway through.

Inside the jar is a white cream with tiny green beads which I assume to be made of Brocolli Sprouts. I wouldn't say those green beads would act as a scrub because I barely felt them on my skin. The texture is very much like any other cream, it's not runny so it's good enough to massage onto your skin. 

Cleansing creams are perfect when you want to get rid of all your makeup at once. I made a swatch at the back of my hand to simulate what makeup I would usually have on my face.

BB Cream (on top) - Gel eyeliner - Liquid Eyeliner - Eyeshadow - Mascara

I think it's better to apply a generous amount so you can massage it well and it won't dry up when you start spreading it on your face.

 After rubbing (not too hard though!)

Not all makeup may come off by just rubbing that's why it's best to wipe it off with tissue or cotton. If you're using tissue, make sure it's facial tissue so it won't be too hard on your skin. For my swatch, I used a cotton pad which turned to this:

The tiny green beads are still there. I don't really get their purpose ㅋ

It significantly removed all my makeup with just one swipe although I had to do a few more to completely remove it. Besides doing the job, it also left my skin somewhat moisturized which is a big plus!

 반짝  반짝~~ 

I also stopped using my oil-based eye makeup remover when I started using this cleansing cream. I had a sty before and although it had already healed, it starts popping up again when exposed to oil and dirt. I often wear eyeliner so every time I removed it using my oil based makeup remover, I noticed that the area on my eye where I previously had a sty starts to swell and the next day, voila, a living sty! I figured it might be the oil from the makeup remover that irritated that area so I switched to this cleansing cream and my sty never came back which I am forever thankful.

Take note, though, that you have to be careful when using this near the eyes. I often end up getting blurry vision but it doesn't sting at all. Contrary to what I said earlier, when it comes to removing your eye makeup, you shouldn't put as much to avoid getting blurry vision! Don't worry too much because the blurry vision is just temporary and simply washing your face would solve the problem.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say this product helped stop my breakouts because I still have them. However, because I do apply makeup everyday, I learned that this is a necessary step in anyone's skincare routine to ensure that the face is makeup-free.

Overall, I love this product! More than the cute packaging and unique tiny green beads, it does get rid of makeup as promised, plus it did not irritate my skin. I would recommend this to those who are not fond of using too many products to remove their makeup.

Watch out for my next [beauty] post featuring my absolute favorite lip tint ♥ 
(and yup, it's another Tony Moly product!)


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