Follow-up Post: My Hair 3 Days After Volume Rebonding

As promised, this is a follow up post to my previous entry about volume rebonding. 

This is my hair after being washed, blow dried and added a hair serum. It became slightly dry after washing but I think the conditioner and serum helped maintain the initial effect of the treatment.

To wash my hair, I used a regular shampoo although sulfate-free shampoos are highly recommended  I noticed that my hair was really dry after, similar to when I colored my hair using using bubble hair color. It also wasn't easy to get rid of the chemical smell on my hair no matter how much I tried to wash it off.

Then instead of a regular conditioner, I used a hot oil treatment/ conditioner and left if for 10-15 minutes. It immediately made my hair easier to manage and rinse.

I blow dried my hair while combing it with my fingers, as my stylist instructed. When it was semi-dry, I applied a generous amount of hair serum at the ends of my hair.

It was sort of difficult to comb my hair inwards because my hair was being stubborn and it wanted to go the other way. Eventually when my hair was completely dry, the inward curl became more apparent and my hair still feels soft and smooth as I touched it. I think it has a lot to do with the hair serum.

Undergoing volume rebonding or any kind of rebonding will definitely make your hair dry because of the strong chemicals used to straighten it, therefore, it is important to provide as much moisture to your hair as possible. Invest in a good conditioner and hair serum if you must and you'll be enjoying your rebonded hair even longer.


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