K-pop: Block B's Close My Eyes MV

Beautiful song. Beautiful MV. Beautiful boys.

I'm starting to think the 'B' in Block B stands for 'beautiful' because they just are especially with the release of this MV.

Block B laid down the hephap and gave their fans this acoustic track which prominently features their vocals. I must say, a part of me died when P.O and (especially) Zico rapped with their low voices. The rap flowed effortlessly throughout the song-- something that Block B knows how to do best.

Despite the drama Block B had gone through in the past months, a lot of their fans remained loyal to them and I'm proud to say that I'm one of them. This song serves as some kind of gratitude to their fans at the same time, the song speaks of their sincerity which could make any BBC hearts melt. I also approve of the line, "Hey girl, it's okay" which was repeated throughout the song for it felt that they were talking to me ㅋㅋ

Since the MV also served as Block B's anniversary video of some sort, it's mostly a compilation of Block B's clips during their overseas trips, their rehearsals, and their behind-the-scenes takes. They somehow forgot to include the Freeze era though I think they were focusing more on their overseas activities and not really Block B's adventure as a whole. But wasn't this an anniversary video? I don't know with BNS... I mean, Stardom Entertainment. (I still don't like the name change :/)

However, I was really happy to see that they included clips from their trip here in the Philippines for it made Filipino BBCs like me feel extra special ㅋㅋ I am also quite proud to say that I was in this MV. LOL. I spotted my fanboard and camera at 1:03 which also appeared on their teaser. It's very short though, like a second or even less, but I managed to spot it!

If you really can't see it, I took a screenshot!

And this is the actual fanboard~

I made this from scratch! 
All the tracing... and cutting... and pasting ㅜㅜ 
Did it all because I love Block B  

This music video has definitely left me teary-eyed. The boys have gone through so much but they never failed to thank and appreciate their fans. I've also seen the support of so many BBCs who continues to believe in Block B which makes me proud to be part of this fandom.

I really hope that Block B will promote "Close My Eyes"... no, they SHOULD promote this song and show everyone the "new" and more mature side of Block B.

블락비 and BBCs 화이팅! 


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