Beauty: Brown Eyed Girl

Since this will be my first beauty review, I'll be featuring my first colored contact lenses!

Since the past few years, I've been using clear contact lenses which I replace monthly. It is probably the best thing invented for people who don't like wearing glasses. Clear contact lenses offer the most comfort so I never really thought of buying colored contact lenses.

On the other hand, I can't deny that there is an ongoing trend of colored contacts and it made me think twice about getting one. Most of the colored contacts in the market have a long duration, ranging from 6 months to 1 year, and I don't think that's hygienic. That's the very reason why I always replace my contacts monthly to prevent any eye infections.

I did a search for an affordable pair of colored lenses which lasts for just a month or two. I happened to browse Sarabia Optical's facebook page and saw their advertisement on Galaxy Soft Cosmetic Contact Lenses. It claims to be a monthly contact lenses which is a huge attractive feature for me. It also comes at an affordable price of P399.

I can't find the original picture I saw from their page anymore but I got this instead:

I decided to purchase a pair upon seeing a promotional poster outside the Market Market branch of Sarabia Optical. All colors except green and blue have different grades available and it was not really my problem since my original intention was to buy a brown one.

There were actually two brown colors. One of them was 'Honey Brown' and I don't know why it's not part of the picture from Sarabia Optical. It looked more of like a yellow color so even though I wanted a light brown color, I chose the other brown which was much darker and had some reddish hue to it.

The first time I wore it, I didn't feel comfortable. Honestly, I thought I looked weird. Even though I was already squinting my eyes, I still look wide-eyed which bothered me. My mom also said I look like a cat (and I love cats so I took that as a compliment). I was not also fond of the black ring since it made my eyes look less natural. I think my eyes are already big enough so they don't need to be any bigger. I would have to remember this in my next purchase.

Upon wearing it, my vision was slightly clouded at the sides and I really felt I had something on my eyes unlike when I had my clear contacts on. I think this is normal because I've always worn clear contacts which simply improved my vision and given that this was colored, there will be changes in some way. However, this "clouded" feeling fades away as I slowly got used to wearing it. I like how it fits perfectly with my eyeball though (lol weird description, sorry.)

Just like my clear lenses, it felt dry in the middle of the day especially when I'm inside an air conditioned room but I had no problems wearing it the whole day. I treat it like my clear contacts now for I would wear it even when I'm at home.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase. I just don't know if I could wear these to school but like I've said, I've been wearing it often and I'll continue wearing it for another month or two.

(This picture was taken during Jay Park's fanmeet. The sun was directly at my face and it made my contacts pop even more! It also somewhat matched my hair color ㅋㅋ)


  1. hay nako twin may colored contacts ka pala. sana sinuot mo para pareho tayo. hahaha!



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