Ads: War of the Online Classified Ads Websites

I find it quite ironic to see online materials being advertised on traditional media lately such as the television... and one of which that stood out the most has to be online classified ads websites.

Recently,  two well-known names from this category, and, became aggressive in making their presence known to a larger audience through their respective commercials. I have embedded two of their most viewed commercials which surprisingly reached more than 100k views.

Both took a simple approach of explaining how the process of online buying and selling works through a situation or an example. This approach works best because some of their audience may be completely new to such service or others may know it, but did not have the interest or they may have thought that the procedure would be too difficult.

Now how do the two parties differ from each other?'s 'Ano Hanap mo?' tagline focuses more on examples of products that a customer would look for and see how could offer a lot of choices. It's straightforward and easy to understand. It mostly features the experience of browsing through their site and it also uses the voice of Lourd De Veyra who is famous in the online community.'s tagline 'Basta buying and selling online, Ayos Dito's is quite straightforward, isn't it? No wonder because their commercials would focus more on situations which are relevant to the concept. Unlike's commercials, they have a back story of why they need to buy/ sell a certain product, thus, it becomes more personal. Having John Lloyd in one of their commercials is also a bonus! (You will probably figure out with this and my next entries that I have a bias for this guy.)

From what I can see, this is just the beginning. Although it is already the internet age, a massive part of the audience still tunes in to their TV and gets their information from there. It also just doesn't stop at our TV sets because even outside our home, we are continuously exposed to advertisements. Just recently, I spotted Ayos Dito's billboard along C5. Wow, right?


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