Beauty: Lolane Daily Hair Serum Review

Ever since I had my hair rebonded, I started paying attention to products that will lessen the dryness of my hair and hair serum is one of them. Koreans would know the importance of hair serums for it moisturizes the ends of your hair and prevents split ends. I found that Lolane Daily Hair Serum did just that in spite the cheap price tag.

Lolane Daily Hair Serum (145php)
Available in Watsons
-picture credit to the owner-
Sorry for the lack of product shots. The text on the bottle was already fading and it didn't look nice. Anyway, it comes in a pump bottle making it easier to dispense the product. It's also small enough to fit my purse and bring just about anywhere.

This serum comes out clear and its texture is in between a gel and an oil. It doesn't feel heavy and it's slightly greasy but it goes away.

This is what's written on the bottle:
Drop Serum onto finger tip and evenly apply on hair, especially hair's ends with 5 cms in length.
No need to rinse off. Can use often as desired.
I only need about two pumps for the ends of my hair. Again, you only apply this to the ends of your hair because the ends are the driest part and applying serum all over the hair may be too heavy for it. If there are any dry areas on your hair like I do, you may also apply it there.

What I do is I split my hair into half and apply one pump for each division. My hair stylist told me that I should apply twice-- once when my hair is wet then after blowdrying, I would apply again. I also found that it's best to apply when it's semi-dry.

Before and After
This is the "bad" side of my hair. It's unruly, wavy and dry as hell.
It looks slightly greasy but trust me, it would go away.
After using the product, my hair became more manageable and less strands of hair were sticking out. The real change, however, was in the texture of my hair. It's suuuuper soft that I can't help but touch it again and again. My hair doesn't tangle as much as well. I love it!

This is the "good" side of my hair, after using the product.
It looks even better and picture perfect.

  • Very affordable at only 145php
  • It lasts forever (I bought mine last May and I'm only half way through)
  • A little goes a long way (two pumps max!)
  • Makes my hair super soft and less unruly
  • It doesn't feel heavy nor greasy


  • The text on the bottle faded away? Haha.

Overall, this hair serum worked great! There are a lot of brands of hair serum in the market and although I'm not thoroughly familiar with this brand, I'm glad it didn't disappoint. I highly recommend this to anyone who want to try hair serums for the first time.

I leave you guys with a not so recent selca showing my hair Lolane-fied. I had my hair trimmed recently just in time for it to grow the same length on graduation picture day. I hope it would look this good!


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