K-Pop: One Great Step In Manila (D-1!!!)

I'm back with another K-pop post and for a good reason~ as you may know, there's only one day left before One Great Step in Manila! It's INFINITE's second time in Manila but it's their first solo concert so I had to make sure that I will attend no matter what. I chose to splurge a bit and pick Patron D (in exchange for JYJ in Boracay which was full of uncertainty) together with my friends.

The stage is huuuuge. It will be my first time staying in the moshpit section and I may not be the tallest girl but I've had stampede-like experiences from past K-pop mall shows so it might help.

I'll make sure to dedicate a whole post for my INFINITE concert experience so this is just a pre-spazzing of some sort. Who else is going??


  1. I have always wanted to go to a Kpop concert! Lucky you!
    Anyways, I would like to invite you on my giveaway:

  2. @Camille L grab the opportunity the next time it happens. it was super worth it!~ and thanks for sharing your giveaway ^^

  3. Omg I love EXO and I really want to go to the concert!! Lucky you~~~ Love you blog btw :D Just followed you ^_^ Please follow back if you like my blog :)



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