Beauty: Nivea Med Protection Lip Balm Review

Those who have been diligently reading my blog would already know much I love my lip products. But what use are they if my lips are all dried up and cracked? It is thus a big must for my lips to be properly moisturized before I apply any lip color. I've tried a lot of drugstore brands in the past and I may have finally found my HG lip balm!

Nivea Med Protection Lip Balm (84php in Watsons)
There was a time wherein I was taking medicine for my acne and it made my face, including my lips, dry up really bad. My everyday lip balm could no longer do the job so I knew I had to change it. The packaging caught my attention. I had severely chapped lips and I could use an additional "med protection" factor. It also has SPF15 and although it's not that much, it's good to give our lips some SPF-love once in a while.

Don't be fooled by the color because it applies clear!
You can definitely see from the swatch how it instantly made my lips smoother. It doesn't feel waxy at all, even if you do layer it heavily. The actual balm doesn't last long on my lips but once it's all dried up, my lips are already in a much better state than it was before applying it. I also don't mind applying it more than once for the texture isn't something that bothers me.

What I like best about this lip balm is that it doesn't make the skin on my lips peel by itself. I've noticed this effect when I used my Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm and it's just annoying, especially when I'm just about to apply my lip tint or lipstick. This product somehow "calms down" my lips in a sense that it minimizes any peeling.

Overall, it's a great product that I would recommend to those who are suffering from extremely chapped lips and even to those who are simply looking for an effective lip balm. It's cheaper than most lip balms in market which more often than not have added flavors or colors but don't necessarily deliver when it comes to moisturizing the lips.

I know you're also experimental when it comes to lip balms. Have you found the one? :]


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