Beauty: Korean Makeup Haul Jan 2015

Hi guys! It's been a while since my last post but I'm finally back with my first ever makeup haul from our recent company trip to Korea! I feel so blessed to visit my my dream country once again and I surely had a blast during my 4 days (Jan 19-22)  there even though I got really sick after ㅜㅜ

Here's my humble haul! I didn't get to hoard so many makeup considering I'm still undergoing treatment for my face so most of these are lip and eye products. However, I did do a lot of research on each product to make sure that every won spent on them was worth it!
★ Creamy Mellow Lipstick in #10 Latte Brown
★ Skinny Microcara in Black
★ White Tone Up Eye Serum
★ No Sebum Mineral Powder (Loose)
★ Get Liner in #8 Brown
★ Eco Fruit Tint in #1 Cherry
★ Long Wear Cushion in #23 True Beige*
★ Green Tea Cleansing Foam*
★ Apply Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam*
*For my friends

★ Hair Match Browcara in Gold Brown
★ Eye Fine Brow Liner in Brown
★ Natural Easy Eyebrow Pencil in #5 Brown
★ The Red Tint in Berry

★ Ginger Sugar Tint Balm in #1 Rose

★ Undereye Brightener in #23 Natural Beige
★ Style Fitting Wear Two Way Cake in #23 Natural Beige

The Face Shop
★ Aura CC Cream (Refill) in #2 Natural Beige

You may have noticed that I didn't the get any top-of-mind brands such as Etude House or Tony Moly. I did this on purpose because we already have them here and I opted to get brands which weren't available in the Philippines like Innnisfree, A'PIEU, and Aritaum. Brands like Skinfood, Missha and The Face Shop are also crazy overpriced here so to save money, purchase only in Korea!

I didn't list all the freebies from each brand but my favorite has to be the one from A'PIEU. Would you believe that the planner came free for 10,000 won? I really love how generous Korean brands are when it comes to giving away freebies.

I'm really excited to try everything so expect a series of reviews from this haul in the succeeding posts! I'm also thinking of making a post for all the special places I visited during the trip.

Stay tuned! 


  1. Ohh you hauled such a cute collection of products! ^ ^

    1. Thanks! ^^ Can't wait to try them all~

  2. Finally an update!! Welcome baaaack!! I need a reunion with PDX.Beauty huhu.

    1. yes! that photoshoot thing needs to happen!

  3. I think it's great how you've gathered quite a few Innisfree products! and I've never heard of A'Pieu before :O
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. A'PIEU is like Etude House with the girliness toned down a bit XD you should try their products! so far i'm liking them :]

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  5. Yay a haul post!! ouo you got so many pretty things!

    1. i honestly don't want to open them yet at the same time, i wanna use them all XD



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