Beauty: Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick Review

Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick is known for its ultra glossy finish. Honestly, I prefer a matte finish because my lips are already quite big so it's not like I need them to be any plumper. Before I convinced myself not to purchase this item, I was, however, intrigued by one of the colors in their selection particularly #10 Latte Brown.

Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick in #10 Latte Brown (12,000원)
People know me for wearing bright, loud colors on my lips but I decided to try a more subtle, MLBB color this time around and I think #10 Latte Brown was just beautiful. It was actually a popular shade among Koreans during fall of last year. It's a brownish rosy pink and personally, I found it perfect for daily/ office make-up.

The tube is taller and slightly thinner than a regular lipstick so I expected more product but that wasn't the case. Nevertheless, the packaging is lovely and I particularly like that it's white and matte.

In terms of texture, it wasn't like the regular lipstick that I've tried before. It's much creamier but more like solidified gloss. On my lips, it felt like I was wearing lip gloss which could be bothersome if you're not used to, however, it didn't look as glossy as expected which worked out in my favor.

My lips are quite pigmented but this lipstick did a good job in covering them. Despite its unusual texture, it took only about 1-2 swipes to achieve the swatch above. It would usually last 3-4 hours max without eating/ drinking and it also doesn't leave a stain which is a bummer because you know I'm a fan of that!

Overall, this product is great to have in one's lipstick collection because of its unique texture and besides the one I got, there are many more gorgeous colors to choose from. It's definitely my go-to MLBB lipstick but I would also like to try the other colors next time!

Tell me what's your favorite MLBB lipstick? :]


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